Oxytocin: Something to Bark About

Categories Everyone knows that looking into a dogs eyes is a nice thing to do. Every wondered why the dog-human bond is so powerful? According to Japanese scientists it is oxytocin, the bonding hormone. A new study found that oxytocin is just as critical a component of the human/canine bond

For the depressed, dating can often be a challenge

Categories For the depressed, dating can often be a challenge. Even smiling can be too much of an effort. It’s called wearing “The mask of depression”. Here are some tips that can help interfacing with a potential emotional prospect a little easier. Medication. If you are depressed and on medication,

Valentine’s Day / Love / Oxytocin

Categories Valentine’s Day next week means literally millions across the country will flock to candy stores, flower shops and favorite restaurants to let that special someone know how much they care. Excellent ideas all. Oxytocin Accelerator approaches Valentine’s Day from a more logical stance, the logic being that love is

Oxytocin: the body’s love drug offers hope to addicts

Categories The feel-good effects of oxytocin have diminished the impact of drug and alcohol use. Now, Australian scientists have launched clinical trials to determine if intranasal oxytocin sprays, methamphetamine addicts, alcoholics, and chronic marijuana users using oxytocin nasal sprays will benefit from a combination of oxytocin sprays and injections. University of

Oxytocin Gene Linked to Optimism

Categories UCLA scientists have discovered a gene linked to positivity, self-worth and self-belief.   The oxytocin receptor gene (OXTR) is a hormone whose level raises in response to stress. “I have been looking for this gene for a few years, and it is not the gene I expected. I knew there had to be

Valentine’s Secrets of Oxytocin

Categories Instead of just wishin’ and hopin’ for a dozen red roses to appear on your door stoop this Sunday, try approaching your Valentines affair from the steady stance of logic. The logic being that love is always with us; in our genes, our chemistry, our evolutionary past, our whole nature . .

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