A Powerful Story About Hydrogen Water Tablets – H2 Aqua Plex

Categories Hi, I just thought you would like to hear about one man’s experience with your effervescent H2 hydrogen water supplements. You didn’t ask for it but what the heck, I have a lot of time on my hands and maybe someone out there will benefit from my experience, so

Hydrogen water therapy, NASA, radiation, spaceflight, DNA damage

Categories The matter that exists in space is full of cosmic dust and radiation. These cosmic rays are high energy thermonuclear protons and electrons that not only fill intergalactic space but also regularly collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. When they do the impact is released as not just heat that

Hydrogen History

Categories Hydrogen is a gas whose importance to life began billions of years ago. Modern guestimates put hydrogen (H2) in the fourteen billion year old range. Not possessing any color or aroma it is also the lightest element on the periodical chart with a weight of 1.00794 u. Its density

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