H2, diatomic hydrogen rich water modifies Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Categories Current studies suggest that hydrogen (H2) water offers neuronal protection against the degradation of dopamine receptors associated with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. H2 was also shown to be helpful in preventing DNA damage and lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is what occurs when free oxygen radicals steal electrons from

Can You Heal From Depression? Bearing the Unbearable Pain

Categories This interview with author and depression counselor Douglas Bloch shows that depression is a treatable condition that responds to a combination of approaches. Modalities such as diet and exercise, social support, counseling, prayer, spirituality and antidepressants can work together to bring you the healing that you seek.

Selfie obsession, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and depression quiz

Categories Practically everyone is snapping pictures of themselves these days, in every imaginable context, even some very dangerous ones. 5 hours ago a 19 year old kid from North America vacationing in South America nearly got run down by a train taking a selfie. He would have been clipped and

A severe case of the blues? (“Un gros cas de blues.”)

Categories Frances first girlfriend, 48 year-old journalist Valerie Trierweiler, has “Un gros cas de blues.” (“A severe case of blues?”) after French President Hollande spent the night with 41 year-old actress Julie Gayet. The point of this blog is not to speculate on whether Holland was technically cheating on Trierweiler,

Is your antidepressant causing fluid retention?

Categories Everyone knows that a bag of salty fries and a big Mac can make your ankles swell up like fire hydrants because the body so wants to dilute the salt that it traps fluid in bod tissues but did you know that antidepressants can also be part of the

National Depression Screening Day

Categories Depression isn’t simple. When we are truly depressed our friends usually can’t reach us—because we don’t want friends around. And the phone, texts, and door goes unanswered. Basically, such people are becoming their own worst enemy and are more attracted to self-persecution rather than comfort. Finding your way out

Isolation, Depression and Human Growth Hormone in Aging Men

Categories Social withdrawal is typically one of the first signs of depression. It is especially pronounced in older men. This iinfluences not just psychosocial well-being but their physical health. “When we’re clinically depressed, there’s a very strong urge to pull away from others and to shut down,” says Stephen Ilardi,

Depressed Smokers more likely to Quit then Non-Depressed Smokers

Categories Washington: A new study reviewed in the Cochrane Library finds that depressed smokers are more likely to successfully quit than their non-depressed counterparts. Moreover, they stop smoking longer and benefit overall from mood management interventions after they quit smoking. The lead researcher Regina van der Meer, at the Dutch

Verbal Discipline and Depression

Categories A new study from the University of Pittsburgh involving 967 two-parent families and their teens determined that 13 year olds who received harsh verbal discipline were prone to symptoms of depression at age 14. They were also more likely to exhibit aggression, misconduct, vandalism and anger. Yelling and screaming

Dr. William Glasser, father of modern-day theories of “Happiness” dies

Categories Dr. William Glasser, the bestselling author of books on personal responsibility that earned him an international following, died Friday of pneumonia at his Los Angeles California home. He was 88. A renegade of his field, Dr. Glasser didn’t believe in dwelling on past behaviors or subconscious thoughts. He also ignored

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